Here's how billion-dollar drugs get their names


Macrilen. Steglatro. Rhopressa. These may sound like alien characters from a science fiction novel, but they’re drug brand names. This begs the question: How do drugs get such strange names? ... Read Article


'Creation engineering': The art and science of naming drugs

CNN | 11/05/2016

Yearly lists of the "most popular baby names" show how tastes change over time. While Jennifer, Heather, Michael and Jason may ... Read Article


What's in a name?
For drugs, a lot of Zs and Xs

CNBC | 04/10/2015

Farxiga. Hetlioz. Otezla. Zykadia. No, these are not the names of distant planets visited by the starship Enterprise. They're the brand names ... Read Article


Pharmaceutical Naming

WSVN 7 NEWS | 07/01/2014

Interested in how we come up with a Pharmaceutical Name? View the segment on WSVN ... Read Article


Episode 53: Names, Names, and Names

NPR | How To Do Everything | 04/01/13 8:00 AM ET

Listen to our very own, Scott Piergrossi, Vice President of Creative, speak with Ian and Mike of NPR's How to do Everything: ... Read Article


The letters "X," "Y" and "Z" often appear in drug brand names. Ever wonder why?

By Enid Burns | Canadian Medical Association Journal | 09/03/2014

You shuffle to the pharmacy counter, arthritic knees aflame, each step pure agony, and hand over a prescription for Cerebyx. Big mistake. Cerebyx is an anticonvulsant, not an anti-inflammatory. What you need is Celexa. Actually, no, that's an antidepressant. Instead, try … Celebrex? ... Read Article


Branders give products an identity

By Jenny Staletovich | The Miami Herald | 04/01/09 8:30 AM PT

In the world of branding, there's a language all its own: Casodex, Grazax, Latisse, Symbicort and Vusion. Each one of those words is the name of a drug that a team of branders spent hours devising ... Read Article


Driver-in-Chief: What does the next President of the United States drive?

By John Adams | Forbes Auto | 09/25/08 9:31 AM EST

Prozac. Viagra. Lipitor. A politician's choice of car is highly scrutinized these days, as voters hope to glean some insight into who is the best choice. What do Barack Obama and John McCain's cars say about them? ... Read Article


CBS Morning News

CBS | 09/25/08 9:31 AM EST

View Sunday Morning's cover story on Drug Naming featuring Brand Institute ... Read Article


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